8Otto (Eight) Comfort Breast Cushion for Early Pregnancy and Lactation

During periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding women experience an increased Breast Form, Breast Pain and Breast Tension

Breast and Pregnancy

During pregnancy the breast undergoes many changes. A few weeks after conception it appears fuller and harder and the areola (the area surrounding the nipple) becomes darker. Even the nipple swells becoming darker and more erect. Many women very often feel an increasing sensitivity of the breast or real soreness similar to what they experience before the onset of menstruation. The sense of tension and heaviness of the breast is particularly pronounced in early pregnancy.

Breast and Lactation

The lactation onset begins about the third day after birth. It is always preceded by a swelling of the breasts and the skin becomes taut to the touch. The swelling is often linked to a feeling of pain and discomfort that continues throughout lactation.

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and the Prone Position

The pain and swelling that appear during the first months of conception and during the months of lactation prevent from sleeping and relaxing comfortably in the prone position. Otto (Eight) is the innovative solution for the comfort and well-being of the breast. Otto (Eight) relieves the pressure the body exerts on the breast, relieving pain and discomfort due to crushing. Otto ( Eight ) is designed to sleep, relax, read a book, sunbathe or get massaged comfortably on one’s stomach without feeling aches and pains.

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