8Fibrocystic Mastopathy

Also called benign mammary dysplasia, is the most common disease of the breast

Its incidence is so high, particularly in some age groups (between 25 and 45 years), which some authors consider a paraphysiological situation. Fibrocystic mastopathy is characterized clinically by a diffuse nodularity, which usually affects both breasts and is localized mainly to the upper outer quadrants. A feeling of acute pain, more intense in the premenstrual period, is usually present.

Fibrocistic Mastopathy and Prone Position

The acute pain of mastopathy prevents from sleeping and relaxing comfortably in the prone position. Otto (Eight) is the innovative solution for the comfort and well-being of the breast. Otto ( Eight) relieves the pressure the body exerts on the breast relieving pain and discomfort due to crushing. Otto ( Eight ) is designed to sleep, relax, read a book, sunbathe or get massaged comfortably on one’s stomach without feeling aches and pains.

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