8Breast Tensions and Breast Pain (Mastodynia)

Breast pain can have psychological and emotional implications which condition, sometimes seriously, the way of life of the affected woman.

The mastodynia is the tension and swelling breast that occurs in the reproductive age. The pain may be mild or strong, temporary or cyclic and can therefore compromise a normal lifestyle. The breast tension is the most common symptom that leads to a visit of the specialist in senology.

Cyclic Mastodynia

The cyclic mastodynia can affect one breast or both, with a sense of tension, heaviness, swelling that occur with the arrival of the menstrual cycle. The pain is usually localized in the outer and upper breast. The mastodynia affects women more frequently in the third decade (20-30 years). The pain can last for years but it disappears after menopause.

Non-Cyclic Mastodynia

The non-cyclic mastodynia is less common than cyclic mastodynia and the 30% of cases are not related to the menstrual cycle. It affects mostly women in the fourth decade of life (40-50 years). The pain can vary from moderate to severe, referred to as heaviness or discomfort, sometimes as sharp , intermittent or continuous. The pain is unilateral and can involve the whole breast or the upper outer quadrant or the area of the nipple-areola.

Mastodynia and prone position

Breast pain prevents from sleeping and relaxing comfortably in the prone position. Otto (Eight) is the innovative solution for the comfort and well-being of the breast. Otto relieves the pressure the body exerts on the breast , by relieving the pain and discomfort due to crushing. Otto is designed to sleep, relax, read a book, sunbathe or get massaged comfortably on one’s stomach without feeling aches and pains.

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