8Massive, Huge, Big Breasts

Millions of women in the world have very large breasts and for this reason have problems when sleeping face down.

The contemporary aesthetic canons place the breast as a symbol of beauty and sensuality in the collective imagination. This is demonstrated by hundreds of thousands of women in the world that every year decide to increase their breast sizes. The volume of the breast may lead to small or big troubles and prevents from sleeping and relaxing comfortably in the prone position. Otto (Eight) is the innovative solution designed for comfort and well-being of the breast. Otto relieves the pressure that the body exerts on the breast making the prone position comfortable.

Otto is a comfort cushion suitable for all women with large breasts, either natural or implanted.

Thanks to Otto's new line of breast cushions one can relax in a spa, read a book, sleep, sunbathe and have a massage on one’s stomach with a feeling of comfort and convenience never felt before.

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