Otto Home Care

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Indoor Breast and Headrest Comfort Cushion

Otto Home Care is a pillow made for all women who like to sleep and relax in the prone position. The breast is a very sensitive part of the body and it is often subject to pain, discomfort and hypersensitivity. Otto Home Care is a cushion suitable for early pregnancy and lactation, pre-menstrual tension, breast pain, large breasts, natural and implanted.

Home Care

Otto Home Care is the first breast and neck pillow, inflatable and air adaptable, designed to live in complete relaxation, the home environment. Otto Home Care is a system of relieving pressure that prevents the flattening of the breast and help all women to sleep and relax in a prone position. Otto Home Care gives the breast a pleasant feeling of comfort without pressure. Otto Home Care is covered with soft cotton flock..

Posizione prona Posizione Supina

Otto Breast Comfort Cushion for prone position

Otto is a comfortable cushion, ergonomic to the breast and suitable for all women of every size from first to sixth (Italian measures). Otto relieves pressure on the breast by the body weight and prevents it from crushing. Otto stretches and relaxes the muscles of the back and the neck giving a pleasant feeling of wellbeing.

Otto Cervical Comfort Cushion for Supine Position

Inflating for about half of its volume and folded in half, Otto becomes a comfortable system of relieving pressure that relaxes the cervix. It is right for relaxing in bed or on the sofa.