Otto Evolution Massage

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Breast and Cervical Bolster for Professional Masseur

Otto Evolution Massage is designed to protect the breasts from being pushed in a prone position during the massage and to relax the cervix in the supine position..

Evolution Massage

Otto Evolution Massage is a professional line of breast cushions designed for healing and aesthetic massage. The breast is a very delicate part of the female body and it is often subject to discomfort and pain. Especially during the massage face down position the breast is subject to double pressure, exerted by the weight of the body and impressed by the massage on my back. Otto is comfortable and suitable for all women and particularly suitable for patients with large breasts, early pregnancy and lactation, premenstrual breast tension, mastitis, mastalgia, breast pain. OttoEvolution massage is the resistant professional line, built to support the weight of the female body and the pressure of the massage. It is made of striped PVC which lets the sweat drain. The cushion is adaptable by pumping air  by hand. Otto(Eight) Evolution Massage is a professional aid , lightweight and easily foldable and transportable in a small handbag. Otto (Eight) is also convenient for those who perform services at home.

Posizione prona Posizione Supina

Otto Comfort Breast Bolster for Prone Position (face down)

Otto is a breast ergonomic comfort cushion suitable for all women of every size from first to sixth. Otto (Eight) is the only pillow that also gives breast pain relief. Otto stretches and relaxes the muscles of the back and the neck.

Otto Cervical Comfort Bolster for Supine Position (face up)

Inflated for about half of its volume and folded in half it turns into a comfortable system of relieving pressure that relaxes the cervix, useful during a massage in the supine position .