Otto Beach Yacht & Spa

beach yacht sunbed

Comfort Breast and Headrest Pillow for Beach, Yachting and Spas.

Otto Beach Yacht & Spa is the Breast and Cervical Pillow made for women who love to live leisure time outside in complete relaxation. The breast is a very delicate part of the female body and in the prone position it is in contact with hard and uncomfortable surfaces.

Beach & Yacht

Otto Beach Yacht & Spa protects and supports the breast and cervix  making all surfaces comfortable. This version is designed to lie on the sand, on the sun beds at the seaside and spa, on the grass and on the hard fiberglass surfaces of the yachts, in the pool or at the campsite close to nature. Otto Beach Yacht & Spa is a wellness pillow ideal for sunbathing and relaxing. The cushion is waterproof.

Posizione prona Posizione Supina

Otto Breast Comfort Cushion for the Prone Position (face down)

Otto is a comfortable cushion, ergonomic to the breast and suitable for all women and every size from the first to the sixth ( Italian standard sizes). Otto relieves pressure on the breast by the body weight and prevents it from being pushed. Otto is the only pillow that also gives breast a pleasant sensation of pressure absence. Otto stretches and relaxes the muscles of the back and neck giving a pleasant feeling of wellbeing.

Otto Cervical Comfort Cushion for Supine Position

Inflated for about half of its volume and folded in half it turns into a comfortable system of relieving pressure that relaxes the cervix.