8Otto - Breast Cushion for Breast Pain Relief and Breast Comfort

Breast And Headrest Comfort Pillow

Otto is the first Comfort Cushion for the well-being of the Breast and the Cervix. The air cushion is adjustable and designed to make the prone and supine positions more comfortable. Otto is an innovative patented Breast pillow for the wellness of the body.

Beach & Yacht

Otto Breast Comfort Cushion for Prone Position (face down)

The particular eight shape is designed to support the chest cavity and protects the breast, relieving the pressure exerted by the weight of the body. Otto gives a comfortable and relaxing sensation without any pressure. Otto, by supporting the chest, relaxes and stretches the back and neck muscles giving a pleasant sense of relief and wellbeing.

One-Size-Fits-All and Air Adaptable Cushion

Otto is one size and is suitable to all female bodies from the first to the sixth size ( Italian standard size). The air cushion adapts to every female figure.

Posizione prona Posizione Supina

Otto Headrest Cushion for Supine Position

The particular eight-shape makes the cushion fit for other body parts. Indeed Eight folded in half turns into a comfortable system of relieving pressure that supports and relaxes the skull and the cervix, giving a pleasant feeling of ellbeing.

Otto Four versions for four areas of application

Otto Personal Care is a line of breast pillows made for the wellbeing of the person:

Otto Professional Care is a line of Professional breast pillows:

Made in collaboration with a Plastic Surgeon

Otto was created and tested thanks to the collaboration and the experience of many years of Dr. Andrea Roncarati, Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. We have developed several prototypes and tested the cushion on hundreds of women before getting to a safe and comfortable cushion, suitable to the different features of the female body.

Design, Quality and Portability

We treated the design and shape of Otto in detail in order to get a comfortable and effective cushion, easy to use and nice to be exhibited. All eight lines are made of PU or PVC allergy-free, non-toxic, certified and checked one by one before being packaged. Deflated and folded Otto is an accessory that is lightweight and easily transportable in a small handbag. .